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About United Women of Rockland

The mission of UWoR is to assist women and their families make ends meet while they are recovering from or receiving treatment for major injury or illness. 


​United Women of Rockland was founded by Christine Silverstein in 2014, with encouragement from Matt Greene, General Manager of Ovations at Palisades Credit Union Park, home of the New York Boulders. It was created to assist women who are struggling, not only with illness, but financially, with insurmountable debt due to their medical bills, inability to work and the difficulties of providing basic daily caregiving to their families. 


Matt Greene, originally from Jacksonville, Fl, was familiar with a very successful organization in his community called “The Donna Fund,” which has become the model for UWoR.  The organization was established to help as many women as possible who have received a serious health diagnosis through fundraising efforts. To date, UWoR has helped many women across Rockland County.  Approximately 95% of the funds raised go to the individuals UWoR helps. ​


Fundraising events have included Pink in the Palisades Credit Union Park and other game day fundraising events, events in local restaurants that have donated space and appetizers, a very successful Scavenger Hunt Race, T-shirt sales and raffles and a New York Boulders/Active International Charity Challenge evening at the stadium, to name a few. The friends and family of each sponsored woman become an integral part in the planning and implementation of each fundraising campaign. That not only personalizes each event, but also helps broadens and strengthens the network of support available to the sponsored woman and her family.


UWoR has made strides in the community since its founding in 2014 to raise awareness of the need for support of women and have partnered with other organizations that provide services and support.  These services are often under-utilized due to the woman or her family not even knowing these services are available to them.  Some of those services include  providing meals, groceries, counseling, car services, wig services, house cleaning, laundry and many others.   UWoR’s pledge is to help as many women as we can and to be a known entity within our community that can be depended on when needed.

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