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UWoR at a Glance:

Are we a 501(c)3? 
Yes, and we can provide proof upon request.
Is the UWoR tax deductible?
Where do the Donations go? 
Donations go directly to the United Women of Rockland fund.
How is the money used?
Money is provided to women on an as needed basis. Multiple women are helped at one time. Each event helps the UWoR provide services and help with everyday living.
How are women chosen?  
There are steps to the process: 
      1. Fill out the application from our our website. 
      2. There is a board review and discussion.
      3. Proof of diagnoses with an interview with the Medical Liaison from UWoR. 
Why don't we see on social media who you are helping?
UWoR feel that the women who are receiving UWoR's help do not need any more stress on them at the time of need. It is the woman's choice to allow us to use their story or pictures. Most women would prefer to stay anonymous even after the help has been provided. BUT, they do help support UWoR in other ways.
Do you discriminate?
Absolutely NOT!!
How are the donations used?
Donations are used for women who have received a devastating health diagnoses in many ways.  Such as, rides to and from appointments, meal trains, help with daily activities, and home expenses.
How does someone arrange to be a volunteer?
Please contact anyone on the board, who will be more than happy to help any individual to become a volunteer for the UWoR. We do not discriminate on age, sex, race or religious beliefs.

Can someone donate to UWoR even if there is not an event?
Donations are gladly accepted everyday. 24/7 There is a link on the website for all donations.

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