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UWoR in Action

This page is dedicated to giving updates on the women and families that United Women of Rockland have been able to help. 

Donna Matthews:

Getting that holiday spirit feeling? Want to do something nice for a family in need. You are in luck...Once again this year United Women of Rockland is asking for help with one particular family in the form of gift card/gift certificate donations. 
Donna Matthews is one of the most inspirational and strongest women we have ever met. Four years ago Donna underwent open heart surgery due to blocked arteries and was on the mend. Last year the school Nurse at Donna’s daughters school nominated Donna’s daughter Heather then 14 to be a Penguin Plunge recipient. Heather unfortunately had a virus when she was just two years old which left her with a brain injury and up to 40 seizures per day. The wonderful folks at the Penguin Plunge came together to help raise money for Heather's mounting medical bills. Donna, was so thankful for receiving help for her daughter, organized an event for all the Penguin Plunge recipients last year. Sadly, Donna, was unable to make the event. Two weeks before this event Donna started having chest pains, shortness of breath and new it was her heart again. Donna went into the hospital to find that every artery was blocked except for one. The Doctors told her she was a ticking time bomb and was rushed to surgery. The Dr.’s did a complicated procedure having to move arteries in her body to make blood flow to her heart. Donna was in recovery when a complication occurred. Her lungs were suddenly filling with fluid making it difficult to breathe. The Doctors knew that after an open heart surgery Donna’s body could not withstand another surgery so they tried for 5 months all different types of procedures to help Donna. This summer while Donna was waiting to see if she would have to have surgery her twenty year old daughter Amber was rushed to the hospital. Amber was having lung problems and her lung had collapsed. Doctors diagnosed Amber with Blebs and had to perform surgery on Amber. During Ambers surgery Donna is still trying to recover as well as take care of her daughter Heather. Donna unfortunately had surgery to remove the lining of her lungs in October and is on the mend. This family has been through so much this past year and yet are so positive. We would like to ask you to help us make them have a wonderful Holiday Season for after all they have been through they deserve it. 
Another reason is this direct quote from Donna today “ There’s always somebody out there worse off then you”. Yes there is Donna, but United Women of Rockland feels that your wonderful family has been through so much this past year that you all deserve a wonderful holiday, which is why we are reaching out to everyone to help us help this family.
Please send your donation to:
United Women of Rockland Inc.
PO BOX 105
Stony Point, NY 10980

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