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A Letter From Meridith Stevens

Dear Christine Silverstein, the Incredible Board Members of the United Women Of Rockland, and all of its wonderful members, supporters, and friends,


Soon after emergency spinal surgery, not only did I need a bunch of follow-up doctor appointments and scans, I also needed 3 weeks of daily radiation therapy from my hospital located in White Plains . . . which meant traveling “over the bridge”. UGH! However, because of the surgery, part of the doctor’s orders were that I was not allowed to drive myself anywhere!

I tried turning to a couple other “conventional” organizations to help me with the transportation with no success. What was I going to do? I was SO worried and stressed!

I then remembered the UWOR and how giving to the community (and myself) it had been in the past- ever since its establishment by Christine Silverstein. Almost immediately after contacting Christine and the UWOR for help, I was being offered rides from these generous, charitable, selfless women I never met that couldn’t wait to jump in and lend a hand! Most of them came in with me to the doctor to be my "second pair of ears"! They all had to wait for very long periods of time during my appointments and each woman was so patient and supportive about it! All of them offered their help with anything else I could think of; they even took over the coordination of the car scheduling off my hands for the radiation appointments!

For your BEAUTIFUL AND SOULFUL contributions, I will never be able to thank you enough. My appreciation to these women and your organization is beyond words.

With much love and gratitude,

Meridith Stevens

PS: I just HAVE to acknowledge these women by name. I hope they won’t mind being recognized publicly by me here- but people should know how there are real-life super-heroines in this world. These women were remarkable and extraordinary with the support and grace they offered me.

Lisa Berger Kahn Caryn Snyder

Laura Shines Fiona Parahus

Leslie Schiller Abby Feller

Stephanie Weiner, Melissa Lieber, Allison Jaynes, Jenn Parks

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